To present live theatrical productions and develop the performing arts enriching the cultural life of our regional community.



Vision Statement:


     Beaumont Community Players will position itself as a leader in the local arts community. Our organization will develop new audiences and engage our existing membership by offering a range of performance and educational experiences. We will be a model of sustainable theatre through vigorous outreach efforts and vigilant stewardship of our performance space.


     In pursuit of this mission and vision Beaumont Community Players emphasizes the following values:


  • We are passionate about our audiences
  • We partner with other arts organizations to cultivate new audiences and expose our existing audiences to new theatrical experiences
  • We celebrate the variety of artistic experiences by offering a range of performance styles and formats for audiences and artists to participate
  • We put local talent center stage
  • We embrace diversity in all our activities
  • We provide exceptional customer service at all levels of the organization, including patrons, staff, board members, supporters and artists
  • We provide educational opportunities for learners of all ages and backgrounds
  • We ensure the continued success of our organization through responsible budgeting and resource management